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Gurubeam makes it easy for teams and organizations to develop and learn together – no matter where you work and how you meet.

We tap into knowledge from different Guru’s, and neatly wrap it into inspiring beams. 

A beam is a one-hour team session, that creates action and change immediately. 

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Become the team you've always wanted to join

Teams want to be great together. Great teams challenges, develops and gets the best out of each other.

Gurubeam offers you the chance to succeed with this, so you can become the team, you always wanted to be a part of.

Not just good results

Make your team happier about being part of the team. To develop the team it isn't just about creating good results. It is about well-being, great relations, inspiration and creating a culture where people learn and develop together. 

Let the team develop the team

We have taken polls, and 93% of employees say, that focus on team development is crucial for their choice of employment.

And they prefer that this happens within the team, and not by using external consultants or HR.

Gurubeam makes it easy for the team to develop the team with, engaging on demand one-hour team sessions

Smart team learning

Gurubeam makes it easy to develop all types of teams anywhere - together. 

1-hour sessions

You don’t need to set aside a whole workday. A beam is designed to take around an hour for 5 persons.


We learn better, when we use what we are taught. 70% of a beam is used for reflection and exercises.


You can meet up at the office, in Malta, on Zoom, Teams, or Meet. Beams can be used anywhere.

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We have done all the hard work, to make it is easy for you to succeed.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also help you plan a specific program for you, that suits your needs

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What does the users say?

The beam was amazing, and I use what I learned every day. Can’t wait for the next session.

Allen Wildes

Copywriter @ Superb

As a management consultant, I have encountered a lot of leaders and teams. Most of them would gain tremendously from using Gurubeam.

Christian Vester Degn

Partner @ Easy Live sales

As a growing business it is important for us to have the right tools, to be able to keep growing and to strengthen our team. Gurubeam is that tool.

Kristoffer Flojlstrup Degn

CCO & Co-founder @ Custimy

Gurubeam has a really good level

Flemming Bentzen

Senior Lecturer @ VIA Unversity

Gurubeam is direct and to the point, definitely better than consultants

Sebastian Petersen 

CEO in Trendhim

We though it was both fun and interesting.

Anders Fogh

CEO in Startup Central

For teams

Keep continuously developing your teams or your whole department. Help create better community, collaboration and a culture that focusses on learning and development.

Gurubeam for teams

For organizations

It doesn’t have to be hard and comprehensive to get a whole organization to understand it. Train everybody in the most important aspects, and help you teams and leaders.

Gurubeam for the organizations

For leadership teams

It is powerful to start using Gurubeam within a leadership team, and then take it out to the rest of the organization. Then everybody gets the chance to evolve and develop.

Gurubeam for leadership teams
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