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We are all different. A team needs different personalities to perform, and to utilize the talent that exists within the team. Learn to understand and use these differences.

#Team Basics


Trust is the foundation for any well-functioning team. In this beam we go though the 3 C’s (Care, Competence and Character) that needs to be present to establish trust

#High Performance Team


Teams that are accountable for each other work faster and more determined. They require very little support, because they keep each other accountable for the job at hand.

#High Performance Team 


Motivation is what gets us started and keeps us going. It is possible to have a formula for motivation. Learn this formula and strengthen your own and the team’s motivation.

#Team Basics

Smart Conflicts

Most conflicts are anything but smart. Learn to have the kind of conflict that creates strong teams, great solutions, and impressive results.

#High Performance Teams


To understand and to be understood is crucial for a good collaboration. The best teams communicate so they create psychological security.

#Team Basics 


The art of giving good feedback is crucial, but many people find both giving and receiving feedback difficult. Practice giving the right kind of feedback.

#Team Basics


All teams need to be committed to each other and the target. Learn to create and understand commitment and responsibility and create a stronger unity.

#High Performance Teams

Team Results

All teams need to have a focus on the results required to reach their target. The better the team the better the result.  A lack of focus on the results can lead to a loss of direction.

#High Performance Teams

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