What is Gurubeam about?


 Well. It's actually what we want to do.

We want to extract the most important knowledge from Gurus about topics that can improve teams, and then beam it into the team.  It's based on the combination of a couple of pains and research on learning.

Meeting the pains: teams rarely have time to spend on team development. Leading to the fact that most teams could be a whole lot better. And if they invested just a bit in becoming a better team, they would gain a lot. But way too many miss out on it.

Learning the best way: we learn the most when we engage and act on what we learn. So every beam is designed to make what you learn action right away. And the social part of learning enhances learning up to 70%. 

So Gurubeam is practically a learning lifeboat for teams.

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The Gurubeam story


 Hi, I'm Daniel

the founder of Gurubeam.

After years of working as a consultant and leader, I found myself as being responsible for HR in one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark. 

Moving fast and simultaneously developing teams were challenging. 

Wondering what could help us I started to produce the first beams between 5 and 6:30 in the mornings. And then tested it in my day job and found that it worked like a charm. 

Honestly, I love to combine the focus on developing people with going deep on a topic and then communicating about it. Something I learned when writing my first book.

Wondering if other companies had the same issues, I set out on a journey to find out.

Luckily they did.

And here goes Gurubeam.

Of course, there's a Team


Gurubeam is built by a team of great people. And we team up with great people along the way.

Jakob Biegel


Jacob has a long story as an award-winning entrepreneur and owner behind the leading action sports ecommerce Skatepro. 

Peter Agergaard


Peter ads pragmatic global CHRO insights from leadership positions in the global top management in G4S and Falck.

Louise Alstrup

Project manager

Louise has a strong project management and HR background and help to form well-researched Beams.